Are you Qualified to be Listed?

The biggest determining factor for whether or not a company or organization qualifies to be in the Directory is answering the question:

How do you contribute to the goal of “making green building easier?”

Companies and organizations will be evaluated in order to be included in the Texas Green Building Marketplace based on whether they help to make green building easier. Applying companies and organizations are asked about their green building project experience, the product and operational practices, and their commitment to sustainability as a core value in their organization. There are different types of companies and organizations that are required to make green building easier, some are squarely in the green building industry and some are not.

Every one is invited to apply. We welcome all green-minded companies and organizations related to the commercial building and land development industries to apply to determine if there is good fit. 


 Here are a few questions that you might be asked in the Qualification process: 

  • Are you in the commercial building space?
  • What green building project experience do you have?
  • How do your products or services help achieve sustainable building/development goals?
  • What investment have you made to educate your employees about green building or sustainability?
  • Do you have a written and publicized policy recognizing sustainability as a core value?
  • Do you operate in a 'green' manner?
  • Do have an environmentally preferable purchasing policy and/or sourcing of ustainable materials and supplies?
  • Do you have any practices that support reduce/reuse/recycle in a manner significantly better than other similar companies?
  • If your company is not “squarely in the green building industry," why should your company be included in this Directory?

Note:  The USGBC Chapters in Texas reserve the right to exclude or remove any company from this directory for any reason. For more Terms and Conditions, please click here.