LEED 2009 vs LEED v4: Indoor Environmental Quality 4/6


When: 09/19/2017

Time: 05:30 pm - 07:00 pm

Location: Tree House #600

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4477 S Lama Blvd 78745



(1 AIA HSW/SD/LU Hour, 1 GBCI CE HR-Self Reporting)

Sponsored by Jasmine Engineering; Presenter Shawn M. Gibson, CxA, CPE, RWC, RRO, LEED AP

In addition to being a LEED Accredited Professional and Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA), Mr. Gibson is also a Registered Waterproofing Consultant (RWC), a Registered Roofing Observer (RRO), and a Certified Professional Estimator (CPE).

A 1996 Charter Member of the Arizona Indoor Air Quality Council, he has over twenty three years of experience in whole building testing with approvals from the Arizona Department of Commerce in 1994, the Southface Energy Institute in 2001, and the Energy and Environmental Ratings Alliance in 2003. Mr. Gibson is qualified and active on MEP Commissioning, Building Envelope Commissioning, and Building Performance Testing projects in Texas.

Mr. Gibson is capable of working within a multi-discipline team, and has extensive experience in difficult access tasks from confined space mechanical areas to hi-rise suspended scaffolds and rappelling.

Join us for networking and in-depth credit-by-credit comparisons between LEED 2009 and LEEDv4 to gain confidence about certifying new projects under USGBC’s premier green building rating system. Our first session
will start at the beginning with a broad overview with each successive session taking a deep dive on a single credit category.

Presentation detail:
Certifying projects under LEEDv4 is significantly different than certifying projects under LEED 2009. This introductory course reviews the basic differences between LEED2009 and LEEDv4 including upgrades in energy baseline and reconsideration of the Materials and Resources credits. Special emphasis will be provided on the Integrative Process, Regional Priority, and Innovation in Design credits.