Using the Marketplace

What you can do on this site: 

  • Find the RIGHT company/people to work on your project
  • Find networking and business-building opportunities offered across Texas
  • Find education programs near you on a variety of topics
  • Search for jobs within the Texas green building industry
  • Connect to other projects for materials reuse

Save your Favorites!

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Below are Fast Facts about each section of the Marketplace to help optimize your use of it. 


1) The Directory is organized by the LEED Rating System 

The quickest way to search the Directory is by using the keyword field at the top of the screen. 

If you click the Directory tab on the Navigation bar, you will see the main sections of the LEED rating system, and under those you will find the common strategies that will earn credits in each of those sections.

Forward-thinking strategies found in other rating systems such as SITES, the Living Building Challenge and Austin Energy Green Buidling, just to name a few, have been added for your convenience.

2) Search results are based on Company Service Area

The first thing you need to know is whether a company provides services in your area. Companies in the Directory specify their Service Area, and their answers are filtered via the WHERE field at the top of the screen. The search results are better when you use the WHERE field, because the system will only display companies that have specified that they work in the city that you list in your search. The Marketplace divides Texas into 11 regions.

3) You Have Searching Options

  • By Keyword – Use Exact Match, Any Word, or All Words as qualifiers
  • By Green Building Strategy – See major categories along the right-hand side, choose one to drill down into sub-categories (to see the entire directory architecture, click on the Directory tab)
  • Filtered by Service Provider, Contractor, Supplier
  • Filtered by Location to limit your search to companies who serve your job site

4) Filters Will Help Improve your Search

Companies identify as service providers, contractors or suppliers, and you can filter your search results using these company types at the top of the screen, just below the Where field. 

You can also get a better search by choosing Exact Match, Any Word, or All Word to improve the search resluts from the Keyword field. 

5) Pay Attention to the Badges of Distinction

Badges are little icons that show up in each company's short description profile. These are short-cuts to help you evalute listing companies. The current badges are:

  • USGBC National Member company
  • LEED AP on Staff
  • Founding Lister in the Directory -- Each of these companies supported the creation of the Green Building Directory in its early stages, showing their commitment to green building and green land development by putting their money where their mouth is. We think that says a lot. 



There are a multitude of green building and green land development networking events and educational opportunites offered throughout Texas every week. We thought you might like a way to find them -- so we created the Events & Education section of the Marketplace to do just that. 

Keep in mind that this section is still being developed, and we are adding new events and education all the time. Once we get this rolling, the Events & Education Center will be the most comprehesive calendar of its kind in the state of Texas.

Imagine searching by keyword to see what is happening in Texas in your field, or by location to find out what is happening near you or where you might be traveling. We are excited about the possibilities and hope you will help us build this section by sending us recommendations of organizations or companies providing programs that should be listed.



This is where companies in the green building and green land development industries post job openings in order to find experienced professionals. 


We plan to invite you (and a lot of other people) to post surplus or reclaimed building materials on the Materials Exchange. We all know that reuse is better than recycling, so we wanted to make a Texas-sized space to help make this happen. Yes, you could just recycle that stuff or have it hauled off, but if you post it here, someone might reuse it --- and will probably even come pick it up from your site!